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About Wheat

Wheat physicial charactor, global crop, wheat havest, storage,cleaning,milling.

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About Maize

Maize physical charactor, global crop, maize havest, cleaning, milling.

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Stone Mill

Stone mill`s history, development, traditional stone mill, modern stone mill.

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Welcome to Our Website!

By visit our website, you will know about grain crop, havest, storage,flour milling technology in the world. We will have the detail comparision and study on all kinds of milling technology.

Flour milling industry, it has long history included appearance, development and improvement.

We will introduce the design, function and manufacturing of China flour mill different from European flour mill. So it will help more readers to know about China flour mill.

Wheat and maize are important agricultural products in the world. Under using different milling technology, we will get all kinds of wheat flour and maize flour. So wheat flour mill, maize flour mill and their milling technology will be our research focus on our website.

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